Internet Network Marketing – How To Prosper Using 3 Simple Steps

On the brains of most network marketers struggling in their business is how do I do internet network marketing? A few of you may have even lost a prospect to someone they found online who is doing internet network marketing.

In this article I am going to break down a simple strategy for you to better understand how internet network marketing works and how to go about leveraging the internet with your current business.

How Does Internet Network Marketing Work?

First off, you must realize that the core concepts and fundamentals of internet network marketing are essentially the same as traditional offline marketing. It comes down to 3 basic steps.

Step 1 is build a list of people who are open to what you have to offer.

Step 2 is where you build a relationship with that list through a semi-automated email marketing follow up process.

Step 3 is to market to that list.

So let’s start with building a list, which are better known in the industry as leads. Leads are built differently online than they are offline. When you come online there are millions of other people, websites and companies shouting that their products and concepts are the best.

Internet Network Marketing is not Pitching Your Business

Generally, people who begin internet network marketing come online still doing the same thing they did offline which was pitching family, friends and anyone who can fog a mirror. You know what I am talking about if you have been on Facebook and accepted a friend request and then your wall is filled up with join my company or this product rocks or something like that.

To be effective online requires a different strategy all together and you have to stand out among all the noise that is going on in order to succeed. So how do we go about this? Simple, while everyone else is in essence saying the same thing, you come from a position of providing value to everyone. No pitching, no selling, just giving value.

Internet Network Marketing: Building Your List

You can give value in so many ways and it would take writing several articles and risking carpal tunnel to explain it in detail. But you can use several separate strategies to build your list. Strategies like video marketing, article marketing, Facebook marketing, social media and many more.

Internet Network Marketing: Building Relationships

Next in our internet network marketing business, you have to build a relationship with the people on your list. This is the same concept that has been used for years with traditional network marketing before the internet. People join people who they know, like and trust. So you have to build that foundation of trust with people for them to join you in your internet marketing business. You also have to mean it, okay. You cannot say that you care about that persons success when you really do not.

You can do this a few different ways and they all work with internet network marketing. You can start an email auto-responder with a whole set of emails that go out every day with a message having them go check out this training you did. When they go there they see a video of you and see the value that you’re able to provide to them.

You can also build relationships actively on social sites like Facebook and MySpace. If you love connecting, chatting it up with people and you’ve got the time, then you can go have a ball doing that. You can also combine several methods to build a relationship with your leads.

Internet Network Marketing: Solutions to Problems

Once the relationship has been built or late in the process, you can market different affiliate products to help them with what ever problem they are having in their businesses. Maybe they want to learn how to set up a blog, do videos or setup PPC campaigns. You can help them with that through affiliate products.

Finally, now that you have provided so much value to their lives and opened doors that they did not even know existed until you graced them with your presence, at this point they will be more open to joining you in your opportunity. And if they do not, you’ve just built a strong relationship with a person of similar views and interests, that could develop into a more mutually beneficial relationship as time goes by.

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